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MARABUcaribe abducts us into an imaginary parallel universe.
It don't open us no exorbitant scenarios of fantastic, unexplored galaxies, but gives us a gap-wide access to a world that is just like ours, only different.
It is not the big earth-shattering things that are shown: A megalomanic Doubleyou explodes the towers of Babylon in pieces of the size of a truck, industrial concerns not only pollute the seas in the hunt for oil and poison the drinking water in search of gas. Ecosystems are being cut down to produce chopsticks and the sharks will be extinct for superstition, but MARABUcaribe don't deal with that, just shows us the highlights of a music production without racial barriers in equality and harmony. Tells the story (and the story of the founder, who declined suddenly in the middle of success to pay the whole madness of the destruction of our livelihood with his taxes), provides us a lot of personalities (which virtually do not age) and gives insight of their production.
Before us is evident a work of cumulative art, crafted in over 40 years, consisting of collages, paintings, drawings, plastic arts, photography, music, video and inventing stories as it couldn't be more insufficient. This is not about "Dadaism' or "Neodadaism".
It is just Dada.
Cordially welcome to MARABU, the charm of the insufficient.


The roaring sixties were nearly over, when two pubescent youngsters also wanted to start a "Beat Band". Not that they haven't any knowledge about making music, they even don't had any instruments.
At this time the compact washing powder was not invented, so one of them came out with a drum kit of the brand "Dash". Soon the other followed with a so-called tea-box-bass with a corpus made by "Ariel". They "played" a bit and decided to add a guitarist. A friend had a guitar, (he just had it) enthusiasticly he agreed, but never ever appeared. Another one had a violin without bow and adjoined for some time. Of course this constellation had something common with punk: No future. The whole thing ended short time later and probably nobody would remember, if they not had that crazy idea to produce at least an album cover for the disc they never will record. They already had the band's name, their artist's names and invented one for the guitarist, there was plenty of imaginative for another group. Soon a number of "records" of different groups and artists were "released".
On the other hand it was the time to give all the beloved toys of childhood away. Only some of the Disney characters I kept, to form a miniature band.
So the "record company" MARABU" was founded.
The two young men grown up, became adult, one moved to another city and they had lost sight.
The little figurine band most of the time was kept in a bag at the basement, to be rediscovered from time to time, receiving a new stage and new members, only to went back to basement again.
Nevertheless I never gave up producing these album-covers-called-collages. Not continuously, but now and then. All photos and materials have been collected for some time, even put at the wall temporarily,and than thrown away eventually. All that stuff at the end stranded at the MARABU, until 2004. Then I thought it will be enough.
In addition to this part-time activity in made-up vacuous album covers, in the mid-seventies I really became involved in music, played in several groups and/or recorded solo.
In 2006, for me, began the digital period. I recieved a lap top and a digital camera, set up the band once again with my little son and started to produce music videos, primarily with the sound material I recorded in all these years, then with recent stuff.
Thus, in 2011, for the first time in over 40 years the MARABU became public.




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